Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about grant requests,
deadlines, and more.

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Who qualifies for a Hazel Miller Foundation grant?

The Hazel Miller Foundation makes contributions to local governments and community-based organizations that are exempt from taxation and operate for charitable purposes as defined by Code Section 501(c)3. The Foundation is prohibited from making grants to individuals.

Projects or beneficiaries must be in South Snohomish County as defined by the Hazel Miller Foundation boundary. The Foundation Board defines the boundary as the same boundary as the Edmonds School District.

The Foundation gives grants to community organizations focused on serving the public’s benefit, especially in the areas of:

• Education and youth services

• Poverty alleviation and hunger

• Civic and community services and amenities

• The environment

• Diversity

• Culture

• The arts

How often are grants given out?

The Foundation reviews operating, program, or project requests on a quarterly basis. Capital grants are given out once a year.

What are the application deadlines?

Grant applications are due on the first Friday of January, April, July, and October.

How many grants can an organization apply for?

Organizations can apply for more than one project but individual applications must be submitted for each program seeking funding. 

How do I submit my grant application?

One full copy of the application and supporting documents should be submitted by email to (preferred) OR mailed to:

Hazel Miller Foundation
10016 Edmonds Way, #C257
Edmonds, WA 98020

Are there guidelines for how grants can be spent?

The Foundation does not dictate how the grants are used. We trust organizations to determine the best use for the funding. It is important to note that grants are required to be used in accordance with the scope outlined in the application, and grantees will be required to submit a short summary report of how funds were used following issuance of any grant.

When will recipients be notified if they are awarded a grant?

Recipients will be notified within 90 days of the submission deadline dates.

Does the Hazel Miller Foundation give out capital grants?

The Foundation will consider Major Capital requests on an annual basis. Capital commitments have been made for 2024. The Foundation plans to resume accepting Major Capital requests again in 2025.

Facilities, infrastructure, and land are long-term assets that can transform the ability of nonprofit organizations to successfully serve the South Snohomish County community. For this reason, major capital grant requests are generally limited to building, land, or equipment purchases with a request amount above $50,000; however, all capital submissions will be reviewed.

Only South Snohomish County nonprofit organizations that are located within the boundary of the Hazel Miller Foundation are qualified to apply for a major capital request. If funded, the Foundation may consider multi-year installments with interim annual reporting. Grant Agreements will be required and fully executed prior to the release of funds.

How are the Hazel Miller Memorial scholarships related to the Foundation?

The Hazel & Morris Miller Memorial Scholarships for Edmonds School District are administered through the Foundation for Edmonds School District. The Edmonds College Scholarship is administered through the Edmonds College Foundation. Please contact them directly for more information.