Hazel Miller Foundation
10016 Edmonds Way, #C-257
Edmonds, WA  98020
(206) 667-0300 (voice)
(206) 682-1874 (fax)

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Hazel Miller Foundation - Serving Edmonds and South Snohomish County.

Grant application form available on "Application Info" page. For more information, please email us at info@hazelmillerfoundation.org.

Welcome to the Hazel Miller Foundation community of giving. 

We are a private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to the citizens of Edmonds, Washington, and South Snohomish County, Washington. Our mission is to support programs and projects that serve the public's benefit, especially in the areas of education and youth services, poverty alleviation and hunger, civic and community services and amenities, the environment, and culture and the arts. Our grants are designed to serve non-profit organizations operating in Edmonds and South Snohomish County. 

Our current Board of Directors:
Diana White, Chair
Pat Shields, Vice Chair
Dick Ellis, Treasurer
Jack Loos, Secretary
Maria Montalvo
Renee McRae
Leigh Bennett